You can contact the PION2016 committee via e-mail:

Or visit us at A-Eskwadraat:

Studievereniging A-Eskwadraat
Buys Ballotgebouw, room 269
Princetonplein 5
3584 CC Utrecht
Telephone: (030) 253 4499

PION2016 will take place on Utrecht Science Park. During the day we will be in three buildings in the North-western corner. The reception will be in the Minnaertbuilding (Leuvenlaan 4, 3584 CE Utrecht). The entrance can be found to the left of the Minnaert letters at the front. The reception will be in the main hall on the first floor.
During the day, the contestants will be guided to the various locations.

Utrecht Science Park can be reached from Utrecht Central Station by busses 12 and 28, these can be found at the citycenter side of the station. Stop at Padualaan (bus 12) or Botanische Tuinen (bus 28) and you'll see the beautiful Minnaert building in the North. Our minions in their black PION2016-shirts can help you find the way.

There are also multiple possibilities to park on and near Utrecht Science Park, but most are paid parking. See an overview here.